It is true that traveling forms a young man, which means that people can acquire new knowledge when they go to a new place. My favorite “journey” is to Premier school, where I can enchance my English skills and more importantly  improve my communication every day.

Premier school has two campuses and I am attending campus one on Cao Thang street, district 3. I have been following a particular English learning route. After a few months studying there, I’ve become increasingly confident in communicating with foreigners whenever I meet them because I have completed the Speech Pathology course. I had classes with the native teachers who are very friendly and professional. It is undeniable that I have remarkably improved my English pronunciation and intonation after this course. The next course that I took was Using Grammar. It used to be very stressful for me as I was not good at English grammar. Not long after, my fear was extinguished by the teachers who have specialized knowledge in English. During this course, the Premier teachers provided us with numerous interesting examples and showed us how to use them in real life. Moreover, the Premier teachers are not only devoted but also lovely. They are always willing to explain to me in great detail whenever I have questions. In addition, I have made more interesting friends during the time at Premier school.

After all, from the bottom of my heart, I want to say “Thank you” to my devoted teachers. Thanks to them, I have gained a lot of useful knowledge and now I am confident about using English in my study at university.

Pham Gia Tri Hieu

Student at Van Hien University

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