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June 24, 2020 was the date of the inauguration ceremony of Premier School’s new campus.  On that day, I was late but I still had enough time to explore the school. From the outside, the entrance was very airy. l remember the beautiful plants and flowers which could be seen along the driveway decorated with colorful balloons, all of which made the path wider and more comfortable.

Continuing my exploration of the inside, I discovered plenty of free pastries and drinks set on a long table along the corridor outside the hall for guests to enjoy during their visit. The lobby looked very spacious and luxurious. The reception area was spacious, including the teachers’ work place and rows of chairs for students to use while waiting for classes.

Presently, the school is offering many incentive programs for students to choose. These programs enable them to take various courses to help them better adjust to the school’s curriculum and to satisfy their requirements of possessing the proficiency in their English language skills and use. The classroom design is quite beautiful. If you study in the morning, you can enjoy the outdoor scenery adding a sense of comfort when you attend classes. As for the evening, you will be able to see yourself in those glass panels. It is a very enjoyable and comfortable place to study.  Even though I was a bit late, I still felt like that. Those were my first feelings on that day.

Tenloman Highschool – Grade 11

Ngo Gia Nghi

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