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 Dear my friends,

I am writing this letter to tell you about all amazing things I have experienced when joining  “Premier family”.

Let me introduce myself first. My full name is Truong Truc Quynh and my English name is June. Now I am 20 years old and I am a junior at University of Education. My major is teaching English, so I choose Premier school where I can develop my English skills effectively.

First of all, different from other English centres, Premier divides your English skills into several courses; therefore, not only can you improve your weaknesses but you can also sharpen your strengths, I especially love SP class (SP stands for Speech Pathology) which helps me to fix my intonation in order to speak like a native.

Second, teachers do play an important role in one’s academic success. I believe that Premier’s teachers are not only excellent at their majors but also friendly and helpful. Because at Premier, the class size is about 15 students, which leads to the frequent interaction between teachers and learners, so you always receive help from such professional teachers.

Last but not least, it is said that hard work pays off. This is the reason why in each course, you need to turn in your homework every day, which rapidly increases your current level. Teachers and tips just urge students to learn that’s why you need to help yourself now that self-studying accounts for a huge percentage of one’s achievement.

Mentioned above are my own opinions and I look forward to reading yours.